The Great Tea Pyramid Scam

Before I start, I would ask you to think of these things first.

First think environment and our children, and petroleum byproducts, then plastic/nylon.

I have had several emails about this “new” tea bag that people have been seeing on TV being offered by a huge tea company.

Last year, I wrote an article about this very thing that was being flushed into the tea market by other tea merchants. My worst feeling has come true.

This is the article (below), it can also be found in our blog if you would like to link to it to spread the word:

I am interested to know what you think about these new revolutionary tea bags.

This is why we really try to promote re-usable infusing methods like the amazing brewer or tea balls (and you know how much I like tea balls lol).
I also feel it is VITAL that we spread the word about this environmental scam as well.

April 2005

This is something that we have been wrestling with for months now.

How to provide products in packaging that is re-usable and environmentally responsible.

There is a new rage in the tea world of a fancy albeit cool looking new tea bag or some call it a tea sachet (how elegant).

It contains (usually) quality loose leaf tea and is in the shape of a triangle. It allows you to have loose teas “on the go”. What the manufacturers and merchants don’t tell you is the bags are made of are made of a “high quality nylon that is heat tempered” and are NOT biodegradable.

Worse yet is the fact that large manufacturers are now “private labeling” these “revolutionary” bags so they are now available to every tea Tom, Dick and Harry to propagate our land fills with yet more plastics.

If there were going to be a revolution in tea, I would prefer it to be focused on Fair Trade implementation and less exploitation of tea estates, people and the planet.

The earth doesn’t need a revolutionary tea that fills our dumps with more plastic products. Besides who knows what the long term effects of drinking plastics that have had boiled water poured over them or even been put in a microwave?

We have finally started to see major players in the tea arena get away from the bleached tea bags that they have been using for years. A step in the right direction… is this a classic case of one step forward two steps back?

Something to ponder over a cup of tea that is for sure.

5 thoughts on “The Great Tea Pyramid Scam

  1. I hadn’t realized that was what these ‘new’ bags were made out of. Seems very silly to me. And not something I want to be pouring boiling water over. blech!

    I do know that my other half (from England) snorted when he saw the advert first for this ‘new, revolutionary’ shape. Apparently that shape (though I don’t think the plastic bit) was old hat for him – he swears it’s been around britain before he left the country, and that was a number of years ago.

    Either that or his memory is faulty. quite possible. either way … I wasn’t planning on buying but now I know I shall warn off those tea addicts I know. Thanks 🙂

  2. *sigh* I’d seen those, and thought it was interesting, but felt that using muslin for “on the go” would be better. And now I know my hunch was right.

    BTW, I just created a syndicated LJ feed for your blog, in case you have other LJ readers who want to see that you’ve updated on their “friends” list.

    This way I can be notified that you’ve posted and can come and read the great info you share with us in a much more timely fashion. 🙂

  3. Re JJLoa’s comment, I am British, and he is referring to the PG Tips Pyramid bag – – which is the usual paper bag, but shaped like a pyramid, which lets the leaves swirl around more. For real tea, I drink this all the time – for flavoured teas, and to serve my American friends, for whom PG is too strong, I love SBS teas.

    I don’t understand the article or the comments – a plastic bag??? Why not paper???

  4. The “new” pyramid tea bags have been sold in East Asian countries like Taiwan since at least 15 years ago. I found them rather pointless, since most people there only use tea bags with black tea, and the pyramid bags are kind of big (they fill up the cups…).

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