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SBS Teas – Your source for custom blended teas. SBS Teas is your source for gourmet, custom-blended, high quality loose-leaf teas, specialty coffees and accessories. We also have refreshing iced tea blends, delicious and addictive Chai teas in a variety of deluxe flavors and combinations sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Our luxurious […]

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The Pyramids Don’t Crumble

According to a recent article by the Smithsonian Magazine http://www.smithsonianmagazine.com/issues/2006/august/pla.php?page=1 ahhh and here we have the flip side of what large companies using this silken sachet, AKA polylactic acid, PLA This is another type of “bio-degradable” materials that some sachets are made of. Others are simply plastic. This is a continuation of the “Great Pyramid […]

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The Great Tea Pyramid Scam

Before I start, I would ask you to think of these things first. First think environment and our children, and petroleum byproducts, then plastic/nylon. I have had several emails about this “new” tea bag that people have been seeing on TV being offered by a huge tea company. Last year, I wrote an article about […]

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Blog for SBS Teas Bling Contest!

Addendum added 9/15/06 “Due to an overwhelming response from people who don’t have an online journal, we invite you to post right in the thread regarding your experience with SBS Teas over the years. You don’t have to have an online journal. BUT if you do have one, and you post there, you get 2 […]

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